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Gabi Amba Pistor
6. Nov. 19 – 13. Febr. 20


Joanna Nogaj

Joanna Nogaj im Aquariana


Certified Mindfulness Meditation & MBSR teacher
Member of the Polish Mindfulness Association

About me
Love yourself: Course 06 - 27 March
Fall in Love with Yourself, Workshop: Sun. 14.04.19
Melt your stress away, Workshop: Sun, 05.05.19

About me

I am a psychologist and Certified Mindfulness Meditation & MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher, a member of the Polish Mindfulness Association.

I live in Berlin and work as a mindfulness trainer in Berlin and Poland. 
I have been working as counsellor and trainer for corporate and individual clients.

My clients are i.e Ikea, Glaxo Smith Kline, Bridgestone. 
I am a stress reduction book author “Odstresownik. Mała Księga Spokoju.” Publicat 2016) and a wellness blogger. 
I also cooperate with NGO’s and business organizations (i.e Dress for Success, PsychoSomaPolis).

My work is under supervision of a British MBSR/mindfulness teacher -Bodhin Philip Woodward.

I offer mindfulness sessions, workshops, MBSR training and Self love courses in English.
I also offer psychological counselling and one2one mindfulness sessions in English and in Polish.

Love yourself – easy steps to self-love course (4 weeks)

  • Do you feel like you’re never good enough no matter what you do?

  • Do you accept less than what you deserve?

  • Are you putting others before yourself and you end up getting nothing out of the deal?

  • Would you like to feel more happiness and joy in your life?

Do you feel the need to change???

In this course you will learn techniques to strengthen your self- love. It is based on psychological, scientifically based methods like mindfulness or CBT.
It will be packed with meditations, compassion and kindness practices and positive psychology exercises to help you build positive and loving relationship with you and others.

During the course you will learn how:

  • Start valuing yourself and be good to yourself

  • Stop self- criticism

  • Start taking care of yourself

  • Start loving yourself unconditionally
  • Start caring for your positive emotions

Start making steps towards new, loving and happy you!

Course Content:

During the course you will learn how to love, accept and care for yourself in 4 simple steps:

Session 1 - Starting with now- learning to accept and be more mindful.

Mindfulness can help us accept ourselves because when we’re mindful, we notice allow all of our thoughts and feelings rather than pushing them away or trying to distract ourselves.
Mindfulness gives you awareness and acceptance which are the main first steps for every change you want to make in your life!

Session 2 - Stop negative thinking, calm that inner critic.

You will be working on recognizing our limiting negative beliefs and learn how we can change them.

 You will create supportive and loving thoughts about yourself. These thoughts will help you grow and give you positive, loving energy.

Session 3 - Be kind to yourself- self compassion no matter what.

During this session you will learn how to develop more kindness and self-compassion.

 Thanks to compassion you can take care of yourself and accept every aspect of your unique being.

Compassion and kindness are a very powerful weapons against the inner critic.

Session 4 - You are good enough, develop your love and happiness.

You will start to focus on what is good in your life, practising gratitude and engage more with positive experience.

I will teach you neuropsychological methods that will help you feel better about yourself and proactively work on your own happiness and bring more love into your life.

After each session you will receive
1. home practice tools (journal prompts, exercises, worksheets, supportive affirmations etc)
2. links to meditations and inspirational videos to help support you on your path of self-love.

Every Wednesday from 06/03/2019 till 27/03/2019.

Time: 19.00-20.30


available on Eventbrite till 20/2/2019

Regular: 80 Euro – book via Eventbrite or bank transfer

Regular double ticket couples/friends:120 euros (50 each) 
paid in advance via bank transfer.

Places are limited, so don’t hesitate and book your spot now!


If you have any questions please contact me: 

[nach oben]

MBSR - Mindfulness based stress reduction course

Please, ask for new dates!

MBSR is a secular group based programme developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn (PhD) and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in the 1970s to alleviate a wide range of health problems. The programme involves training in mindfulness meditation together with discussion on stress and life skills. Particular emphasis is placed upon daily home practice.

Is it for me?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from mindfulness. We all face pressures and stresses and can get stuck in our personal reactions. The things that stress and challenge us may not change, but the way in which we deal with them can shift, making it all feel easier. Being more aware and accepting of our thoughts and feelings means we are in a better place to make wise choices and deal with difficulties more effectively. 
The evidence base on MBSR shows significant positive effects amongst participants suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, MS, mild anxiety disorder, psoriasis and cancer. More than 100 papers have been written which indicate that the effects of MBSR are relatively long lasting especially if post course group practice is also offered.


Most participants report that they gain lasting benefits, such as:

  • a greater capacity for relaxation

  • increased ability to handle stressful situations

  • more energy and enthusiasm

  • more self - confidence

  • greater clarity and focus

  • increased concentration

How does MBSR work?

By practising in sessions, and by listening to guided meditations at home during the week, you learn, and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. 

MBSR Programme will provide you with:

  • lecture and discussion about main topics of each session
  • guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • gentle stretching and mindful movement

  • group dialogue and sharing in pairs or small groups

  • daily home assignments and journaling

  • guided meditations and handouts.

Course overview:


1 Session - What is Mindfulness?

  • 2 Session - Gathering the scattered mind

  • 3 Session - What is Stress? Bringing awareness to our patterns of reactivity to stress

  • 4 Session - The Shadow of Stress: Wherever you go, there you are.

  • 5 Session - Responding instead of Reacting: Mind your thoughts

  • 6 session - Growing awareness of emotions

  • 7 Session - How can I be kind to myself? 

  • 8 Session - A Mindful Life: Keeping your Mindfulness Alive

  • Mindfulness Day - a half a day silent retreat – Saturday or Sunday

It is also possible to pay for the course in installments, please enquire about affordable payment options by contacting me.

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Fall in love with yourself! The power of self-love. Workshop

Sunday 14.04.2019 Time: 15.00- 19.00

Are you tired of your self-critical thoughts and feeling not good enough?
•Do you accept  yourself less than what you deserve?
•Would you like to love and accept yourself and believe in yourself more?

Do you feel the need to change??? 
Let me support you in your firs, powerful steps that will help you to fall in love in yourself!
How would it feel to…
    •    Wake up feeling whole, worthy, beautiful and enough?
    •    Accept yourself fully without worrying what people think?
    •    Have the confidence to pursue your dreams and stop doubting, blaming and judging?
In the workshop you will learn techniques  and proven strategies to strengthen your self- love like:
    •    Meditation
    •    Compassion and kindness
    •    Positive Psychology & neuropsychology exercises
    •    CBT Therapy Negative Beliefs Changing Method
    •    Positive mantras and affirmations to support you on your self-love path

With this powerful techniques you will:

• Start valuing yourself and be good to yourself
• Stop self- criticism
• Peruse your own happiness
• Stop being so hard on yourself
• Start loving yourself unconditionally 

Fill yourself with acceptance, let go of negative judgements and live a better life!

Each of you will get:
    •    An inspirational self- love journal
    •    Links to useful meditations
    •    List of powerful affirmations to support your self-love journey.

Now it is the time to love yourself unconditionally!
The relationship you create with yourself will change everything.
If you are feeling the call for more, listen to that inner wisdom and book your spot now!


Sunday 24/02/2019 14.00-18.00

Please arrive 10 – 15 min in advance


Early bird: €60 (till 14/2/2019)

Regular: €80 

Regular: Couples /Bring a friend: €100 per 2 p.


To book your spot please contact me 
- e-mail:


We provide yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets.
You are welcome to bring your own ones too.

Dress comfortably.

There will be one tea & snack break.
I offer delicious tea, coffee & love water (ask me if you are curious what it is)

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Melt your stress away

Mindfulness and relaxation workshop with live music!
SUNDAY 05 May 2019  15.00 – 19.00

Do you find that stress is affecting the quality of your life, wellbeing, productivity, success at work or relationships?
Do you want to make time for yourself, de-stress and deeply relax?
Come along and experience an incredibly rejuvenating mindfulness meditation and sound therapy session and get your energy levels re-charged!
During this half a day mindfulness workshop you will:
    •    Practice breathing meditation, body scan
    •    Connect with here and now through your senses practicing mindful eating, self - massage and more
    •    Get to know techniques to release what doesn’t serve you anymore either is body tension, negative self-beliefs or difficult emotions
    •    Fill your mind with positive emotions and supportive thoughts
    •    Open your heart to kindness and joy
    •    Switch to the deep relaxation mode while live sound therapy concert

The workshop will end with 1 hour of deep relaxation during concert of sound bathing. The participants will receive a “massage” with sounds and will experience the powerful vibrations of resonating instruments. 
Singing bowls concert, with happy drum, Tibetan bowls, chimes and live mantra singing will help you relax and get away from all of stress.

Regular: 40 Euro
Couples /Bring a friend: €60 per 2 p.

To book your spot please buy a ticket on Evenbrite or contact me if you have any questions:
e-mail: or

We provide yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets.
You are welcome to bring your own ones too.
Dress comfortably.
There will be one tea & snack break.

Meet the trainers:
Joanna Nogaj:
I am a psychologist and Certified Mindfulness Meditation & MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher. I am also a self-development counselor & coach, work-life balance trainer and stress reduction book author and blogger.

Dagmara Korona:
I am a singer, musician, sound therapist.
I am fascinated by sound therapy and will be happy to share my healing and relaxing sounds with you.


Aquariana practice and seminar center. Am Tempelhofer Berg 7D, 10965 Berlin KREUZBERG
U 6 - Platz der Luftbrücke, Ausgang Mehringdamm – 3-4 min.
U 7 - Mehringdamm – 8-10 min.
Bus 104 - U-Platz der Luftbrücke – 5-7 min.
Bus M 19 - U-Mehringdamm – 7 min.
The studio is in the backyard, 4 th floor.
It is a beautiful specious studio for workshops and holistic therapies

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Psychological counselling and one to one mindfulness sessions

I offer individual help in the area of stress, anxiety, self-esteem issues and emotional eating/weight problems.
Symptoms of Stress & Anxiety:
• Working all of the time, but never being done or feeling good enough
• An over-scheduled life, where you’re constantly running from one thing to the next
• Worrying and overthinking
• Panic attacks
• Feeling like your emotions are out of control
• Lower mood and problems to enjoy life
• Perfectionist tendencies
• Trouble sleeping or insomnia
• Physical health problems (back pain, stomach aches, headaches, high blood pressure, acid reflux) without any physical cause
• Feeling tired all the time
• Not making time for yourself
• Frequent self-criticism
• Feeling unappreciated
Counseling can offer relief by providing a safe outlet to talk about your stress and worry. You will also develop de-stressing strategies to use when you feel anxious or tense.
In my psychological counseling I use various tool and techniques: i.e cognitive behavioral therapy, self-compassion, mindfulness, and positive psychology interventions.
Session duration:
- Counselling 50 minutes
- One2one MBSR session: 90 minutes

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Sa, 11. Januar

Vielen Dank an unsere Gäste!
Es war ein toller Tag

Hallo KursleiterInnen!

Gruppenraum frei:

Mo, 18-20 ab sofort




Gabi Amba Pistor
6. Nov. 19 – 13. Febr. 20